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Term Life Insurance for YNABers.

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Hello YNABer!

Hopefully you’ve already read our excellent life insurance primer, and now understand why you need life insurance, how much you need (if that’s still up in the air, we can walk you through figuring that out), and what type of life insurance you want (term).

Let’s be honest, life insurance isn’t a fun topic. I’d rather be fishing (and I’m not even a fisherman). We’ll make it as painless as possible for you.

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A few things you can count on: We'll only provide you term life insurance (it's all you need), and we'll find you the best possible deal for your situation (you're on a budget, after all).

You’ll receive a call from Casey Murdock, my financial advisor. I've referred close friends to him for years, and he's always taken great care of them. He'll take great care of you as well.

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